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Employee engagement for Medium Sized Businesses

Dewdropz: Supporting Your Medium-Sized Business As You Scale

Build your business while Dewdropz helps shape your Workplace Culture so your employees can thrive.


Why A Strong Culture Matters


job seekers cite culture as key


Increase in Revenue


employees would change jobs for a better culture

How Things Change

Without Dewdropz

The old way of doing things

Rapid Changes Overwhelm Established Culture: As the company expands, the original culture can get diluted or lost amidst new hires and evolving business practices..

Increasing Anonymity Among Employees: With the company growing, employees may start feeling disconnected as they no longer know everyone by name.

Strained Resources for Culture Management: Limited HR resources struggle to keep up with the demands of actively fostering a positive workplace culture.

Culture Fragmentation: Different teams develop subcultures, leading to inconsistencies that can affect overall harmony and productivity.

With Dewdropz

The new way of doing things

Culture Through Growth: embed the core cultural values into everyday interactions, ensuring that the original essence of the company’s culture is maintained.

Connecting Expanding Teams: Facilitate regular and structured interactions to help everyone stay connected and familiar, even as the workforce grows.

Automated Culture Tools: Dewdropz automates key aspects of culture building, such as recognition and social interactions.

Unified Company Culture: With regular and inclusive interactions, Dewdropz helps prevent the fragmentation of company culture as the company grows.

Group discussion.png

A Sense of Belonging

Dewdropz keeps the close-knit feel alive as your company grows. Through micro-interactions like Pairings and CoffeeStation, every team member, old and new, can stay engaged, ensuring no one feels like just another number even as the company expands

Culture on Autopilot

Dewdropz automates culture-building, allowing your culture to scale seamlessly alongside your business. Nudges like peer recognition put the power of driving culture into your employees hands.


This frees up your HR team to focus on helping you grow while maintaining a strong, cohesive company identity. 

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Key features for Medium Sized Businesses

Promote interdepartmental connections by matching employees for coffee chats, breaking down silos, supporting mental health and encouraging broader collaboration

Facilitate a culture of appreciation and ensure that everyone’s contributions are celebrated and visible, boosting morale and engagement across the office.

Our virtual watercooler lets your team engage in spontaneous and light-hearted discussions on various topics, fostering informal interactions that strengthen team bonds.

To the point Reporting

Track the things that matter and gain insights into team morale with intuitive reporting tools designed for remote team leaders.

Experience the Benefits of Dewdropz Today
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