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Every Mental health journey is unique but it doesn't have to be traveled alone.

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Commit to Supporting mental health in your everyday work-life. For your peers and for yourself.

Since the pandemic started, great progress has been made to address mental health concerns of employees. However, to create a sustainable environment that supports better mental health, it is critical that we all take a part in bringing about change.


Mental health is a broad category affecting people in all walks of life, the issues they face stay with them long after they clock out from work. Each person dealing with a mental health problem is on their own journey but having a support structure at work can make all the difference between feeling hopeless and feeling "it's going to be ok." More and more, organisations are investing in supporting mental health but we believe it has to start with the people you interact with each and everyday. So we are asking individuals to pledge that they will encourage better mental health in the role they have at their organisation.

As the list grows, we will commit to helping keep the conversation going

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