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Elevate your 
team culture
with nudges

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Dewdropz is a Microsoft Teams App that shapes workplace culture through microinteractions.
The Culture Catalyst

No credit card required for 14-day trial

How we drive culture forward

With Dewdropz, you can build meaningful relationships between employees and shape a more connected culture, regardless of whether you are remote, hybrid or working in the office.

Break down silos & build new relationships

Whether remote or in the office, Dewdropz helps employees meet others in the organisation and widen their network. 

Happy Woman

Improve wellbeing & increase retention

Prevent burnout and help employees feel recognized by their peers to encourage a healthier relationship with work.

Shape a happier workplace culture

Small interactions that foster a sense of belonging where employees feel empowered to drive change.

Team Meeting

Interactions that put your people first

Build Meaningful connections


London, meet South Africa. 

Accounts, meet Support.

Experience, meet New perspective.


Build bridges where organisational structure can sometimes create walls. You can pair up employees to have one-on-one coffee chats. Leave it random or let it be based on your criteria.


Why choose choose Dewdropz

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Our microinteractions are designed based on nobel prize winining nudge theory

Science backed Nudges

Spend less of your time managing the process and put culture building on autopilot.

Integration with Microsoft Teams


Insights that actually drive change instead of just reporting.

Using technology to add the human touch back in and truly build a people-first organisation.

AI for human interaction

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