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  • What is Dewdropz?
    Dewdropz is a culture shaping tool in Microsoft Teams that helps a happier workplace through nudges or micro-interactions such as pairing employees for coffee, or provide topics to discuss in a community chat.
  • Why do some places say fikatime and some say Dewdropz?
    Our name was fikaTime when we started but as our product has evolved, we wanted a name to reflect that change. We then rebranded to Dewdropz. In some places there may still be legacy references to the old name. At the moment, we are still listed in the Microsoft Teams store as fikaTime until Microsoft rolls out the brand name change. We understand this can be confusing but we dont anticipate this will be for long.
  • How does it work?
    The app is installed to a team inside Microsoft Teams from the Microsoft Teams app store ( We realise how many times we've just said "teams"). Once installed, you will be asked to create an account. Only one person needs to create an account for your organisation to use Dewdropz, for others to "participate" or benefit from it, they need only join the team where Dewdropz was installed. You can find out how to get started at
  • Do I have to meet?
    As much as we are rooting for you, we know it may not be for everyone. I would suggest trying one or two meetings before dismissing it though. We don't want you to do anything you are not comfortable with. At every pairing, you get the choice to say yes or no to the meeting. If at any time you feel like taking a break from these meeings, just leave the fikatime team. You can jump back in when you are ready. As a human, you’re a creature of habit. You may not like to change your coffee order and try that new concoction by your barista - but what do you have to lose?
  • Why is this important?
    The working world may have been draped in things our grandparents would have never had a chance to experience at their day jobs but behind the bean bags, hippie furniture and endless supply of kombucha is a growing tax on mental fatigue and a constant pressure to perform. This can lead to less time spent on the aspects that make work enjoyable or an intentional effort towards shaping the culture that you want to see at the workplace. Dewdropz is a way to keep this intention alive. Dewdropz helps you build the workplace culture you want through microinteractions and nudges that help build impactful moments in your daily work life. Whether its the taking a breather for your mental health or improving relationships with a collegue, Dewdropz is there to help but it requires you to make the chioce to take action.
  • Is it safe and secure?
    The app is added to your existing Microsoft Team eco-system, so it's on architecture your organisation has already approved. We are fully committed to the GDPR guidelines when it comes to safety and security of your data. To read more about our data policy please see that links in our footer.
  • What are the benefits?
    Besides an excuse to have a cuppa? Dewdropz helps: Build trust in the organisation Drive diversity and inclusion Increase collaboration Break down silos and encourage cross-team/geography communication. Reduce employee stress Build a culture of support Better relationships for better work
  • What about my privacy?
    It's common to worry about privacy whenever someone mentions conversations these days. It's important to remember that we do not faciliate the actual conversation between who you are paired with so there is no way in which for us to access that. We also leave the choice of when and how to meet up to you. With regards to the interactions between the bot and you as well as our commitment to GDPR guidelines, you can read more about it in our data privacy page.
  • Is this only for remote teams?
    Absolutely not! Dewdropz is for teams that are at the office, remote, and hybrid. As long as people can stay in touch they can use Dewdropz. The benefits of this while working remote are undeniable but when in person, the effect takes on a whole other dimension for building relationships. And in case it wasn't clear...Dewdropz works for all types of teams.
  • Is this only for extroverts?
    You would be surprised to find out that fikaTime is qute popular with many people that consider themselves anything but an extrovert. It turns out they enjoy fikaTime because it takes the hassle out of getting to the point of conversation. This gentle nudge allows people to get to know each other without having to reach out to anyone.
  • Do I need another tool?
    No one needs another tool for employees to login to or another password to have to remember ("Your password does not meet the complexity, age, history requirements..." no thanks). This tool will be integrated into microsoft teams, something your organisation is already familiar with. We're trying to break down barriers, not add more to your life.
  • Do we really have to have coffee?
    Only if you want to keep those energy levels up! Seriously though, you can grab tea, juice, volcanic-ash infused water. Whatever beverage you like is cool. The beverage is just a mechanism to help the conversation feel less forced and also keeps it short enough that it's not awkward waiting for someone to finish their lunch.
  • Why should we use this instead of doing it ourselves?
    You probably are already doing this in some form or the other. People go out for lunch, they have coffee with their collegues, etc. In most cases these actions are focused on keepin ghte same circle and fikaTime helps widen that network so more people get to know each other. Now you could have your own program to get people to meet others and that would be great but in many organisations thoes programs do not get off the ground or last very long because of the admin involved in keeping it fresh. fikaTime automates and expands the basic version with a single focus so you can get back to all the other things you need to address.
  • Isn't this just another work meeting?
    The goal is to take an intentional break in your day to encourage you to relax your body, reset your mind, and socialize with others. That delicious cup of coffee is a sweet bonus.
  • Do I have to meet someone every week?
    If you feel like taking a break then just leave the group and you wont be paired in the next round. Just jump back in when you are ready.
  • How is this different to our corporate social network?
    We are not competing with your corporate social network, we are supplementing whatever social solutions that are working for you already. We see fikaTime as a puzzle piece in the greater picture you are building for a strong organisational culture. FikaTime is by very personal approach to building engagement.
  • How is this different to our other team building activities?
    Many activities are focused on team building in a group acitvity. However, the dynamic of group activities come with their own complications. Dominant players, enforcing more isolation, in and out groups, etc. There is something about a direct one-to-one conversation that cannot be achieved while in a group. That being said, we are not saying don't have those other activites, we see fikaTime as a puzzle piece in the greater picture you are building for a strong organisational culture.
  • Do I need to Sign up?
    If you are adding Dewdropz to your organisation then yes. An account is needed per organisation/group. If Dewdropz has been added already and you are an employee that wants to join, then No, you do not have to create an account. You can just join the team the app was installed to.
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