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Dewdropz Shoutouts: Celebrate Team Achievements

Recognize great work, increase engagement, promote core values, all with our peer recognition feature.


When employees are recognised by their peers publicly


more motivated


more likely to stay when understanding and seeing the values in action


Improved morale

What is ShoutOuts

Dewdropz Shoutouts makes it easy to celebrate each other's wins right within Microsoft Teams. Give a shoutout to team members who go the extra mile, directly in your group channel. It’s all about recognizing great work and the little things that make your team amazing, aligning each cheer with your company’s core values. Perfect for making everyone feel appreciated and connected, no matter where they work from.

Since its driven by the employees, it helps create a "live the values" commitment.

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Spotlight Success

Every shoutout shines a light on individual achievements, boosting morale and setting a tone of appreciation throughout the team. Visible recognition not only celebrates the individual but also inspires the whole team.

Values in Action

Align shoutouts with your company’s heart and soul—its core values. This feature makes it easy to celebrate behaviors that reflect what your company stands for, strengthening your culture with every recognition.


Celebrate Weekly Wins

Keep the kudos meaningful with a once-a-week shoutout limit. This ensures every nod of appreciation is thoughtful and cherished, encouraging quality acknowledgments over quantity.

Experience the Benefits of Dewdropz Today
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