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Dewdropz Coffee Station: Build Community In Your Team

Virtual Watercooler Topics that get posted to the channel to spark conversation and encourage a community spirit.


Promoting a strong community at work


higher retention rates


more likely to foster high levels of innovation and creation


cope better with work-related stress

What is Coffee Station?

Supporting high performing teams has to take into account that we also interact as a team. Our Coffee station feature helps build a community spirit by posting topics in the group channel that encourage people to talk and interact as a community. Coffee Station sparks conversations and a more inclusive environment right there in Microsoft Teams. It's like having a regular touchpoint where everyone can weigh in and share, fostering a sense of belonging. Simply choose your topics, and watch as discussions unfold, bringing your team closer together.


Topics that fit your culture

We have a wide range of topics to keep discussions fresh. If any don't fit with your orgnization's needs, you can disable them from our console. Tailoring topics helps maintain engagement and ensures that conversations are always aligned

with your company culture.

Everyone Can Join In

By involving everyone in the conversation, Coffee Station breaks down barriers and builds a stronger sense of community within your team. It’s a space where everyone can express their thoughts and contribute, enhancing team cohesion.


Smooth Microsoft Teams Integration

Seamlessly integrated into your Microsoft Teams environment, Coffee Station keeps interactions streamlined and accessible. With no need for additional tools or platforms, your team can easily participate in discussions right where they work every day.

Experience the Benefits of Dewdropz Today
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