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Data and Security

Thanks for taking the time to learn about Dewdropz's data and security information. It's important stuff. 

We are trying to build trust within your organisation, that wouldn't make much sense if we didn't build trust with your organisation. Your privacy and the security of your data is a top concern for us. Here at Dewdropz, we build everything with customer trust and security in mind. Let's help put your mind at ease.

Click on the following links to find out more about the specific policies we have in place.

Some basics on Interactions

Even though we have taken many steps to ensure security and privacy at an organisational level, it is also important that the users of Dewdropz are comfortable with our processes. With regards to this it is important to note,

  1. Dewdropz does not have access to any information/data passed between participants outside of the direct chats initiated by the chatbot and in the public group where Dewdropz has been included.

  2. We encourage in-person conversation as a first-choice for meetings(unless this is not possible due to other reasons) so we have no way of accessing these private conversations.

  3. If doing the meeting remotely, users have their choice of whatever tool they want to use. Which takes us out of the picture.

  4. It has also been made clear to staff that any requests for mission impossible type gear would be declined to satisfy our need for expensive coffee. 😐

  5. On a more serious note: As with any interaction in person, safety is something you must always take seriously. Especially with in-person meetings, never meet anyone where you feel uncomfortable and do your best to ensure you are not in any danger. Virtual meetings can always be a great starter to get to know the other person.

Channel and Message Access

Dewdropz's access to messages in Microsoft Teams is limited in the following ways:

  1. Teams, channels or groups: Dewdropz only has access to the groups that it has been explicitly added to. This is a public group after all, so everyone else in the group can see the messages sent there. Dewdropz will also only see messages in these groups from the time it is added and not prior to that event.

  2. Dewdropz only needs to be in the teams that you want to use for making Dewdropz introductions. Consequently Dewdropz will only be a member of teams that a user invites it to or where a user explicitly sets up Dewdropz.

This means that Dewdropz does not have access to anyone's private conversations (unless it's a conversation with the Dewdropz bot), nor does Dewdropz have access to any public or private team content unless someone from your team has explicitly added Dewdropz to the team.

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