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The Best Microsoft Teams app for Shaping Culture

Dewdropz: Harmonize Culture In Your Hybrid Team

Keep the culture you want while your employees keep the flexibility they need in your Hybrid Team.


Why A Strong Culture Matters


job seekers cite culture as key


Increase in Revenue


employees would change jobs for a better culture

How Things Change

Without Dewdropz

The old way of doing things

Inconsistent Engagement: Employees experience disjointed engagement due to varying days in the office, which can lead to communication gaps and a lack of team cohesion.

Irregular Recognition Patterns: Recognition efforts falter as they tend to occur during in-office days, missing the contributions made on remote days, potentially leading to feelings of underappreciation.

Fragmented Team Dynamics: Team dynamics suffer as employees working different schedules may feel disconnected from those they don’t see regularly.

Lack of Consistent Team Culture: It's challenging to maintain a consistent culture when employees are not experiencing the workplace in the same way, leading to a fragmented company culture.

With Dewdropz

The new way of doing things

Streamlined Engagement Across Schedules: Dewdropz ensures that engagement remains high regardless of where employees are working from, with tools like CoffeeStation that keep everyone involved and connected.

Consistent and Inclusive Recognition: With Shoutouts, recognition is consistent and visible, celebrating contributions made both in-office and remotely, ensuring all employees feel valued.

Unified Team Dynamics: Features like virtual coffee pairings and CoffeeStation discussions promote regular interaction, helping maintain strong connections and seamless team dynamics despite varying schedules.

Cohesive Team Culture: By facilitating regular and equitable interactions among all team members, Dewdropz helps cultivate a shared culture that transcends physical location constraints.

Inclusive Community Building

Dewdropz ensures every team member, whether working remotely or from the office, feels equally involved and part of the same community. Our nudges such as the CoffeeStation feature facilitate regular connections that bridge the gap between different working environments, fostering a sense of belonging and shared company culture.

Connection Efforts on Autopilot

Coordinating in-person and remote interactions can be complex in hybrid environments. Dewdropz is integrated into Microsoft Teams to help team members manage what works best for them so they can maintain their flexibility while connection building is maintained. Dewdropz integrates seamlessly into your hybrid work model, with features such as Pairings that are accessible from both home and office settings.

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Remote team call.png

Peer Recognition so Everyone can be "Acknowledged"

With Dewdropz’s Shoutouts, contributions from both remote and office-based employees are celebrated equally, enhancing visibility and appreciation across the hybrid model. So that employees can be "acknowledged" and feel more visible to the rest of the organisation regardless of whether they are in the office or not. This promotes a balanced recognition culture that is essential for hybrid teams, strengthening team bonds and boosting overall morale.

Key features for Hyrbid Teams

Regularly connect team members for virtual coffee breaks. Our cross-group matching feature can break down the barriers of hybrid work between in-office and remote employees.

Facilitate a culture of appreciation while creating more visibility and acknowledgment. This helps showcase star employees even if they are not always "seen". 

Topics are shared within the team channel, sparking discussions to build community involving both in-office and remote team members. 

To the point Reporting

Track the things that matter and gain insights into team morale with intuitive reporting tools designed for hybrid team leaders.

Bridge the gap between your remote and in-office teams with Dewdropz. Start fostering a truly integrated hybrid work environment today
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