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Dewdropz: Pair up Employees to Foster Meaningful Connections

Make introductions and pair up employees with colleagues right in Teams. Ramp new hires quickly, break down silos, and create a culture of retention.

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More engaged & connected employees


jump in profitability


higher retention rates


more committed to organization goals

What exactly is Pairings?

Whether you want to call it Pairings, Intros, or coffee chats, Dewdropz Pairings simplifies the process of connecting employees through meaningful one-on-one interactions, regardless of their work setup—be it remote, in-office, or hybrid. Designed to break down silos and enhance integration, this feature not only facilitates regular coffee chats but also cultivates a supportive and connected workplace culture. By pairing employees who might not typically interact, Dewdropz encourages fresh perspectives and strengthens team cohesion.


Flexible Matching Options

Customize how your team connects with flexible matching options. Whether it’s weekly coffee chats, monthly brainstorming sessions, or cross-group mixers, Dewdropz enables your team to break down silos and foster a more inclusive and collaborative culture. Tailor the interaction frequency to meet your organizational needs, ensuring everyone stays connected and engaged.

Adaptive Follow-ups

Go beyond mere introductions with smart follow-ups that capture real emotional feedback. Dewdropz learns from each interaction, adapting future pairings to enhance compatibility and satisfaction. This continuous learning fosters more effective communication, builds trust among team members, and strengthens professional relationships within your organization.

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Reporting on things that matter

Gain insights into your team’s dynamics with intuitive, easy-to-understand reports. Dewdropz provides clear metrics on the success and frequency of interactions, helping you measure and promote a healthy, supportive workplace. These insights allow you to track progress in building a connected culture and identify areas for further improvement.

Experience the Benefits of Dewdropz Today
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