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Getting started

Setting up Dewdropz is very easy and can be done in a few minutes...yes, we timed it,

but first: Has your organisation invited you to use Dewdropz or are you looking to install it for your organisation?


If you have been invited to use Dewdropz by your organisation then you don't need to install anything. See our FAQ for users . If you are looking to try Dewdropz with your organisation then see below:

Create a Dewdropz Team

Create a new team called Dewdropz(or whatever fits your need). Each member in this team will get matched for pairings. If someone no longer wants to receive matches, they can just leave the team.

Pro tip: Although you can use an existing team, it's best to create a new team so its easy if people want to leave and to keep other activities separate from the bot activities

Add the app to your new team & create an account

In the Apps tab, search for the app and add it to the team you just created. Do Not add to a channel  or to yourself. It must be added to a team. Then follow the instructions from the bot.

Very important: You must complete the account creation or the app wont be "activated" for you.

Pro tip: If you cannot find the app or cannot choose Add to Team, please reach out to us as your IT department may need to  enable this for you/complete on your behalf.

Invite or add other team members

Add members you think would enjoy this directly into the team or invite them through a mailing campaign/message in Teams.

That's it. Soon you will be paired  with a colleague. 

Pro tip: we have templates to assist in our help files.

For more detailed instructions, see our Help Centre.

For companies where truly knowing everyone is hard, Dewdropz is a wellness bot that builds socially connected teams by pairing up different employees for short informal coffee breaks

Unlike traditional team-building Dewdropz is by design simple enough to stick and smart enough to evolve.

We can help you engage your team and put your best 🦶 forward with tips, guidelines and a detailed rollout plan. To start the conversation of building a more socially connected team, pop us a mail at and we will be happy to help.

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