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The Best Microsoft Teams app for Shaping Culture

Dewdropz: Create A More Connected And Thriving Office Culture

Connect, Celebrate, and Collaborate More Effectively in Your Workplace. Shape culture on autopilot with Dewdropz.


Why a strong culture matters


job seekers cite culture as key


Increase in Revenue


employees would change jobs for a better culture

How Things Change?

Without Dewdropz

The old way of doing things

Limited Spontaneous Interaction: Interaction tends to be limited to scheduled meetings or accidental encounters which are hard to plan for.

Recognition Limited to Formal Settings: Employee contributions are often recognized formally in periodic reviews or privately which may not capture all deserving moments of praise or go unnoticed.

Communication Barriers Between Departments: Silos within the office can prevent effective communication and collaboration across different departments.

Routine Monotony: Daily office routines can become monotonous and culture endeavours can feel forced, reducing employee engagement and motivation over time.

With Dewdropz

The new way of doing things

Enhanced Daily Interactions: Dewdropz facilitates regular, scheduled coffee pairings that encourage informal chats and deepen connections across all levels of the organization.

Continuous Recognition: With Dewdropz’s Shoutouts, recognition is instant and public, celebrating achievements as they happen and boosting morale across the office.

Seamless Cross-Department Collaboration: Spark lively discussions and collaborative opportunities across departments, breaking down silos and fostering a more integrated office culture.

Dynamic Daily Routines: Dewdropz introduces variety and engagement into daily routines, keeping the office environment vibrant and based on action.

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Break Down Silos

Even when not working remotely, in-office environments can easily become segmented, with departments often working in isolation from one another. This can hinder cross-functional collaboration, trust and limit the sharing of knowledge and ideas across the organization. Our 1-on-1 scheduled coffee breaks bridge departmental divides, enhancing company-wide collaboration.

Boost Spontaneous Interaction

While in-office setups facilitate face-to-face interaction, the day-to-day rush and structured schedules can reduce opportunities for spontaneous, informal conversations that are crucial for building personal connections and a cohesive team culture. Our CoffeeStation feature injects daily fun and informal chats into your office routine helping support a healthier work environment.

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Recognition of Contributions

In busy office environments, recognizing each individual's contributions regularly and publicly can be overlooked, potentially leading to decreased employee motivation and engagement. The Shoutouts feature in Dewdropz ensures continuous and visible appreciation of team efforts, boosting morale while aligning to company goals.

Key features for In-Office Teams

Promote interdepartmental connections by matching employees for coffee chats, breaking down silos, supporting mental health and encouraging broader collaboration

Facilitate a culture of appreciation and ensure that everyone’s contributions are celebrated and visible, boosting morale and engagement across the office.

Our virtual watercooler lets your team engage in spontaneous and light-hearted discussions on various topics, fostering informal interactions that strengthen team bonds.

To the point Reporting

Track the things that matter and gain insights into team morale with intuitive reporting tools designed for remote team leaders.

Experience the Benefits of Dewdropz Today
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