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Donut for Microsoft Teams?

We've got you

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You don't have to feel restricted to a tool

If you are familiar with the Donut app in Slack, then you probably know how useful it is when employees have a chance to connect with one another. It was never about the tool, it's the purpose of the app you're probably after.

Perhaps you came from a Slack environment and are now in a Microsoft Teams environment. Whether you are trying to maintain the culture you are so proud of or you are trying to instil that level of camaraderie in a new team, recreating the same effect can be quite tricky.  Fortunately, if you are looking for a donut app for Microsoft Teams, then look no further for a virtual coffee app.  Dewdropz is a Microsoft Teams integration that works seamlessly with Teams to pair up employees for a random coffee chat.

Even Microsoft Agrees

It's not just about pairing, at Dewdropz we have a big focus on Mental Health and building Inclusion into organisations. Which is shaping how our product evolves.

Don't just take our word for it. We've worked with Microsoft to ensure we offer the best Microsoft Teams approved experience. We were featured by Microsoft for what we are doing with fikaTime to enable their SDG goals

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