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HR software to build a more connected team

Dewdropz: Building A More Connected Culture

Creating a sense of belonging, preserving core values, and uplifting employee morale resulting in more collaborative teams.


Seamless Daily Interactions

Dewdropz brings your team together regularly with micro-interactions. Our CoffeeStation feature offers spontaneous conversations to start flowing just like they would over a real coffee machine. It’s about keeping everyone connected, whether they’re down the hall or across the country.

Encourage Meaningful Connections

Using Pairings, Dewdropz ensures that no one feels left out. By randomly connecting team members for virtual or face-to-face coffee breaks, we help forge new bonds and strengthen old ones. It's can help employees feel a sense of belonging and connection even in the largest of companies and regardless of whether you are remote, hybrid or in the office.

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Celebrate Every Success

Recognition feels good, especially when it’s heard company-wide. Shoutouts let everyone celebrate the big wins and small victories together, reinforcing a culture of support and unity. It’s about highlighting effort and success in a way that brings everyone closer.

Key Features For You To Explore

Promote interdepartmental connections by matching employees for coffee chats, breaking down silos, supporting mental health and encouraging broader collaboration

Facilitate a culture of appreciation and ensure that everyone’s contributions are celebrated and visible, boosting morale and engagement across the office.

Our virtual watercooler lets your team engage in spontaneous and light-hearted discussions on various topics, fostering informal interactions that strengthen team bonds.

To the point Reporting

Track the things that matter and gain insights into team morale with intuitive reporting tools designed for remote team leaders.

Experience the Benefits of Dewdropz Today
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