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How Remote Teams Are Using Virtual Coffee Chats as Their Secret Weapon

Updated: Jun 12

Are virtual coffee chats the secret weapon to remote companies thriving? Find out how to implement virtual coffee chats to boost team morale and foster genuine connections in your remote team.

In today’s remote work environment, fostering connections is more challenging yet more crucial than ever. Virtual coffee chats have become a key tool in maintaining the social fabric of remote teams. Tools like Dewdropz are revolutionizing these interactions, making it easier and more effective for teams to stay connected. 


Understanding What is a Virtual Coffee Chat?

Virtual coffee breaks or chats are informal online meetings where team members can talk about non-work-related topics, similar to the conversations that happen spontaneously in physical office spaces but through a video conferencing tool such as Microsoft Teams. The coffee could be any beverage and is completely optional but it can help create the same atmosphere like when meeting in real life.

These chats help break down the formal barriers that often exist in remote work settings, making communication more personal and open.

Benefits of Virtual Coffee Chats?

  • Enhanced Connection and Morale: Regular, informal interactions through virtual coffee chats are vital for psychological health, helping to build a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation.

  • Improved Communication and Collaboration: These relaxed conversations can lead to greater creativity and spur on-the-fly collaborations that structured meetings might not facilitate.

  • Cultural Integration: Virtual coffee chats allow for the reinforcement of company values and culture, ensuring that even remote employees feel a strong connection to the corporate identity.

Tips for How to have Virtual Coffee Chats

To truly reap the benefits of virtual coffee chats, it's crucial to foster a comfortable atmosphere that encourages open dialogue and genuine connections. These informal sessions are key to building stronger, more meaningful relationships within your team.

  • Frequency and Scheduling: It’s recommended to schedule virtual coffee chats regularly but not so frequently that they become a burden. Finding the right balance is key to keeping the team engaged without causing fatigue.

  • One-on-One:  Group calls are great but what many people don't realise is that, although counter intuitive, one-on-one coffee chats actually help bring the group together because they work towards building meaningful connections between each of the employees and your group is only as strong as it's weakest link.

  • Technology and Tools: Leveraging platforms like Dewdropz, to have coffee chats in Microsoft Teams, can enhance these interactions by integrating seamlessly with your existing digital tools, providing features that encourage participation.

  • Icebreakers and Engagement: Dewdropz’s icebreaker generator can help kickstart conversations, making chats engaging and fun. Example questions might include “What’s a book you’ve recently read and loved?” or “What’s your favorite way to unwind after work?”

  • Cameras on: As tempting as it can be to keep cameras off, it soon becomes a habit and can very easily turn into not showing up at all. We are designed to connect through seeing each other, its built into our evolutionary psyche. That being said, it's also very personal inviting someone into your presence, even if it's virtual, so make sure you set yourself up so you feel comfortable.

Supporting Evidence and Case Study

  • Research Insights: Studies by researchers like Dababneh[2001], Fritz[2013], and Randolph[2016] have shown that taking breaks, such as engaging in virtual coffee chats, can significantly enhance performance and job satisfaction. Key benefits noted include improved efficiency, enhanced mood, and a boost in creativity.

  • GitLab’s Asynchronous Success: GitLab, a fully remote company, has effectively utilized virtual coffee chats as part of their strategy to maintain team cohesion. They’ve institutionalized these chats within their onboarding process, ensuring every new hire initiates several of these interactions to foster a sense of community from the start. This practice is supported by their extensive handbook, which helps maintain connectivity and culture in a remote setting.

Dewdropz: Enhancing Virtual Coffee Chats

Dewdropz enhances virtual coffee chats with its unique features like Pairings and CoffeeStation, which facilitate spontaneous and structured interactions. Additionally, Dewdropz’s analytics help teams measure the engagement and effectiveness of these interactions, providing insights into how well team bonding initiatives are performing.

Where to Next

Virtual coffee chats are an essential tool for any remote team looking to enhance connectivity, collaboration, and company culture. By integrating these into regular routines with the help of platforms like Dewdropz, teams can enjoy more meaningful interactions that drive satisfaction and performance.


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Written by Nadia (Brand Narrative) on behalf of Dewdropz.


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